Nishi is the evolvement of Dora’s Moudatsou small family business into her vision of a destination jewelry shop by designing and curating jewelry pieces that represent to the modern traveler the unique memory of their visit, embedded into a jewelry piece that will be treasured.

“I remember it as a need of myself, when visiting a new country I was always trying to find something unique to the place and the history of it, different from the repetitive souvenirs, in order to keep it with me as a token. – Dora “

The background

Being around the shop from a young age and surrounded by jewelry pieces she developed an interest into designing and crafting techniques. She finished her studies in architecture following with a master’s degree in London where she lived and worked, while attending jewelry designs classes in Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths University.
Balancing between her two passions she soon realized that jewelry design can be seen as a small-scale architectural design process, with conceptual approach, material constrains, specific use of purpose as well as extraordinary history and technological development into the making process. Therefore in 2017 she moved back to Greece and Santorini to start working on Nishi project.
“Every piece is designed with an architectural approach from concept until the building of the form.”

Materials, shapes,
statement pieces.

Having a strong passion about organic materials and shapes, ishi is the translation for stone in Japanese and nisi is the actual Greek word for the island, thus Nishi refers to the island of Santorini, as an island of unique rock formations, textures and patterns of nature, a real geological miracle.

Apart from designing unique jewelry pieces and combining traditional as well as advanced technological methods into the design process, Dora is also very keen on offering to the visitor of the shop a wide variety of design options, from everyday to statement pieces. This is the legacy from 30 years of experience from her father: options and fair prices.

“Every client is unique, he should find what he is looking for and the price of it should be fair”, he says.

Therefore in Nishi you will be able to find that minimal 14k ring with a small diamond you’ve been looking for, chains for your layrings, signature cuffs for your ear stacking, semi-precious stone rings, that small 14K gold hoop etc. The curating options from Greek and local designers as well as leading European brands will make sure to cover all your styling and self expression researches in the right price.

Each piece is Crafted out of 925 sterling silver and 14ct solid gold. Precious and semiprecious are also being used such as diamonds, aqua marine etc.

Build up your own story, combine sculptural pieces that refer to Santorini’s formations, choose your birthstone or diamond piece referring to your own unique self. “Choose your future heirloom today”.

Nishi Earings